Hello there! I'm Emma, the brain, face and wordsmith behind Scribble and Seek.


Currently marinating in a little town called Wanaka, New Zealand, I am a qualified lawyer who has decided my life's calling involves a fully fledged love affair with words.

I have been writing professionally since I was 19 years old, when I realized that if I string together some damn good sentences, I can get paid to eat and drink through beautiful cities. From there, my reviewing forayed into events and dabbling in writing health and fitness pieces, until 2017- where an OE-gone-wrong (but a HELL of a story)- led me to Cambodia, working as a content manager for a major real estate portal.

This job pushed me out of comfort zone in the best ways possible and forced me to up-skill my commercial writing, editing and SEO capabilities.  Upon my return to New Zealand, I set my sights out of the courtroom and plowed into creating Scribble & Seek, which I am damn excited to share with you today. 

 I am a notoriously passionate, enthusiastic and overly energized human, that would love to get to know you and your business and create content that brings a truly authentic voice.