Unique and well-written content is the key to success for any business. We offer expert writing services on a wide range of topics, including;

Blog Posts

Do you want your business to rank on Google? Are you looking to engage your target market, existing customers AND create more leads than ever?

You need a blog. Yup. Every business needs a blog. Why?

Because every single business has a story to tell and something unique to share with the world. A blog will give your company a real voice and show people what you are all about- as well as a whole range of other long term benefits for your business.

From creating a blog from scratch, to keeping that bad boy updated constantly with relevant, shareable and engaging content, I am ready to capture your vision and build your brand awareness and online presence.

Real Estate Specific

Although I adore writing about absolutely everything, the real estate industry is my niche. Whether you are an agent, real estate hub or a publication I can;

  • Write property listings that command attention and set you apart from the masses.

  • Create compelling industry related website content that can establish you and your business as thought leaders and entice your target market.

  • Build an engaging social media presence that will convert to more and better quality leads.

Check out my body of published real estate work here.

Sales Copy


Think of persuasive copy like the fuel for your car. Even if you have the best mechanics and some damn shiny tires- you aren’t going anywhere without fuel.

Now, apply that same analogy to your business. You may have the perfect product/ service, identified your target market and have a rock-solid business plan, but without compelling marketing material, you aren’t going to be moving forward.

Let me fuel up your car by writing sales copy that communicates your value, connects you with customers and (most importantly) increases your business’s revenue.

Website Content

I’m bringing back the car analogy with this one.

If compelling copy is the fuel for your car, then your company’s website is the motor.

Just like the motor is what gives your car the capacity to move, your website gives you the capacity to sell, and is the foundation of your business’s presence on the market. It’s that important. As well as this, your website needs to look sharp and read in a professional and engaging manner.

Whether it’s company/employee bio’s, describing your product or service or writing a mission statement, I am here to hit refresh on your website (with words of course) and ensure you are marketing your business in a way that entices your target market.


I can help you establish business awareness with pieces on specific topics including case studies, topic-focused articles, and product-based content.

Existing publications looking for a journalist or a writer please contact me or check out my reviews and published content. I would love to work with you!

Have you written an amazing piece of writing but need a final set of eyes to glance over and check your spelling, grammar and the flow of your piece?

I would love to be those eyes and will happily edit writing on any any topic as well as providing feedback for future pieces.

Editing Services